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Indulgence Is Golden

Wake up with that fresh skin feeling

Commitment to Quality

We have formulated this high quality facial mask with you and your skin in mind.

Blue Jay Beauty uses specially formulated ingredients that give you the correct amounts of moisture and nutrients to help keep your skin resilient and hydrated for extended periods of time. 

The essences in Blue Jay Beauty face masks contain pure gold combined with select ingredients to give you a softer, smoother and fresher complexion.

 The anti-inflammatory properties assist in calming acne, evening out skin tones and reducing redness while anti-oxidants protect against premature ageing. 

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Our Happy Customers

I have tried other collagen face masks in the past. You can really feel the difference in quality after removing these from your face each night. Your skin feels tight, cool and refreshed. Thanks Blue Jay!!

Kim Higgins

Our Happy Customers

It only took one box of 5 to get me hooked. My favourite part of the night it sitting down with a glass of red and relaxing with my mask. Ladies, try it!

Yolanda Anderson

Our Happy Customers

Absolutely fabulous product, skin feels so refreshed and soft. Any blemishes on skin are refined and feels great to sit and relax let the mask do its work

karen seefeld

Our Happy Customers

After a big day at work I arrived home to find that my  Gold Crystal Collagen masks had arrived. I filled my bath and applied the Mask, when I took the mask off my face felt amazing. A must for all to try and would recommend it to anyone. You have to try Them..

Karen Bader