24k Gold Collagen Facial Face Mask for collagen renewal,anti-aging and facial treatment (single )

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The DYI Facial with Maximum Benefits! Indulgence is golden!


  • CRYSTAL COLLAGEN MASK: Resists premature ageing and wrinkles, rejuvenates and hydrates your skin leaving it firm, pulpy and full of elasticity which makes it very effective for anti-aging.
  • EFFICIENCY: Assist in calming acne, reducing redness and evens out skin tones while anti-oxidants protect against free radicals. Refreshes, and invigorates your face.
  • STIMULATE CELLS REGENERATION AND REPAIR: The gold essence coupled with rich collagen extract regenerates and hydrates the skin to help eliminate fine lines, dry lines and wrinkles leaving your skin with a soft, smooth complexion that radiates a presence people will notice.
  • THE PERFECT BALANCE: We use specially formulated ingredients that give you the proper amounts of moisture and nutrients to keep your skin resilient and hydrated for extended periods.
  • FOR THE BUSY LIFE STYLE: Gives you the maximum benefit with an easy to apply collagen gel facial mask for the time-sensitive, Just 20 to 30 minutes is all the time required.